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Robotic Process Automation is about removing the ROBOT from human tasks. Workers typically have routine, repetitive activities in their day-to-day work. Things that don’t involve creative thinking or problem-solving are simple “when A happens do B” type of actions. These are vital tasks, but ones that computerized systems can do. RPA frees up workers to do what they do best such as applying reason, judgment, or interacting with customers.


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RPA is a multi-vertical and cross-business technology which can automate different processes and tasks regardless of the nature of your business activity. Our team guides you through the entire RPA development process. We can perform a full implementation of robotization or just individual steps.


Our teams support you in building the infrastructure both in the
cloud and on-premise. After installation lasting a few days, we focus on robotic process automation.


We help you find answers to your business-related questions and provide support by identifying processes to be robotized and managing them. Presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions, business case preparation – all this allows you to understand the concept of RPA and the business advantages it brings.


As part of our services, we either support the client in building the infrastructure or build it for them. Our experts provide the documentation required for setting up the environment or hand it over once the implementation process is complete.


We help you to select the process to be robotized, in advance analyzing robot possibilities and development time. Before implementation or upgrade, our experts test the robot to ensure that it works and helps optimize specific business processes.


With the aim of broadening your team’s knowledge of RPA, We organize internal training adapted to their needs. We cover the topic of process analysis, robot construction, and maintenance, always taking into account the participants’ skills and experience.

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What is Robotic Automation?

Robotic Automation uses software to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. This workflow automation can include queries, calculations, and maintenance of records and transactions. Further, robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of employee configurable software and other technology, referred to as a “robot” or “bot,” to recognize patterns in the performance of tasks. It then configures applications to trigger a response based on input, handle transaction processing, data manipulation while enabling interconnected communications within digitized systems.

To determine the cost of RPA software for your organization, it’s essential to identify which tasks would benefit most from automation. Look for labor-intensive activities within your team’s workflow that require the same physical motions without a lot of conscious thought. Monotonous tasks are the best candidates for robotic process automation.

Automation processes use basic flowchart systems to form their operations. The robots share information during operations. This information allows for monitoring every process at a level that humans would find intolerable. And, the gathered data allows for statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, and quantitative analysis. Such in-depth detail enables fine-tuning at any point in the process to improve workflow efficiency. Effectively, robotic systems communicate both upstream and downstream.

The speed of training an RPA software system depends on the rate at which the employee can provide practical quality training. The more complex a task, the longer it takes to implement RPA technology.

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